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Workplace Accident At Mountain Brook Country Club

Posted by Michael T. Bell | May 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

Workplace Accident At Mountain Brook Country Club

Four staff members were hurt on May 13th in a workplace accident at Mountain Brook Country Club involving a pressure cooker. The Mountain Brook Fire Department arrived on the scene immediately to learn that one employee removed the top of the pressure cooker too early. The staff was preparing tomato soup in the pressure cooker when the lid was prematurely removed, leading to the injuries of four workers. All injuries were minor, but two were taken to the nearby hospital St. Vincents for immediate medical attention.

The Mountain Brook Fire Department clarified that this accident was not an explosion. These accidents happen, and the minor injuries certainly weren't serious, although no one is commenting on the situation. The Mountain Brook Fire Department has declined to comment further, and the Mountain Brook Country Club has made no statement on the accident either. It's not common for companies to stay so silent after an accident, often they jump to the media to apologize to victims and the involved people's families.

It is unclear whether OSHA was notified of the incident and if there will be an investigation. The injuries were minor, which doesn't warrant an immediate or rush investigation. Typically OSHA and other regulatory or investigative bodies don't rush unless there are serious injuries, or a fatality involved in the accident. In this case it's unlikely that OSHA would jump right in to explore the possibilities for the injuries and what led up to the accident.

As more details emerge, keep up with the developments. It's likely that the employees will speak out through public forums soon after their recovery. We should also expect some statement from the country club, and possibly the investigators who review these incidences. There is no clarification on any other details at this time.

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