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Man Found Dead in Crashed Car in Jefferson County

Posted by Michael T. Bell | Feb 07, 2021 | 0 Comments

Crashed Car in Jefferson County

Police found a man dead in a crashed car in Jefferson County on Saturday, January 30, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office revealed.

In the accident report, the sheriff's office said the 27-year-old victim's car left the roadway, and struck a pole. Deputies arrived at the crash site in the 3400 block of 15th Street Road in unincorporated Jefferson County after a single-vehicle accident call. 

It happened near Hueytown. The investigators believe the wrecked car left the road at about 10:30 p.m. After striking the utility pole, the car went down an embankment before resting against a tree. 

When the deputies looked inside the 2013 Kia Soul, they found the victim dead. The sheriff's office has not released the man's name. They are looking into the accident, and there's no additional information about the crashed car in Jefferson County at this moment.

Single-vehicle accidents are one of the common causes of traffic-related deaths in Alabama, and the United States. While driver's carelessness is a prevalent factor in motor vehicle crashes, it doesn't sometimes apply in crashes of this nature. 

Factors like terrible roads, adverse weather, animal sightings can make a person lose control of their vehicle. Mechanical defects and adverse medical conditions are also prevailing causes. The latter could be a heart attack or a sudden epileptic episode. 

We advise drivers who suffer from such ailments to avoid driving, and seek an alternative transportation means. If they drive and get into an accident, and the crash involves another vehicle, they will be liable in damages to the other motorist. 

The only way the at-fault driver will escape liability is if they can prove that they were unaware of the medical condition. In either case, it is prudent to consult an Alabama car accident attorney


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