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Why Do I Need a Birmingham Car Accident Lawyer?

Posted by Michael T. Bell | May 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

There are so many questions that come up after a crash. Should you have taken more pictures? Did you get all the information you needed? The question you should ask, though, is, “Do I need an attorney?” Alabama is a little different than other states, and it makes it extremely treacherous to handle a car crash alone. If you're found even a tiny bit at fault, you could risk losing all compensation. That means no one taking care of your medical bills, nobody helping with the lost part of your paycheck. You need a Birmingham car accident lawyer to help ensure that you get what you pay for, insurance for the damages that occurred because of someone else's mistake.

21st Century Scammers – The Auto Insurance Industry

Hardly anyone could protect themselves from these huge companies. They run their companies with the idea that they put their companies first. Well, scratch that, that's what their ads seem like. Then what happens when you have a real claim? Everything is suddenly a big question mark. Will you get coverage, who will pay out, and will your insurance company drop you?

Even with a collision or comprehensive insurance plan, you might struggle to get your policy provider to take you seriously. The go through every claim as if every single one of their customers was trying to commit fraud. However, they do this because of how common insurance scams are and that they can't really do anything other than investigating and deny claims to protect themselves.

Outstanding or Crushing Medical Debt

The average cost per day for in-patient care in Alabama ranges from $1,889 to $2,488. So even spending one day in the hospital will result in a few thousand dollars in medical debt. Then you have the expenses that come with medical treatment.

The cost of getting to and from your doctor's appointments. Premiums, copays, surgery fees, prescription costs, and more. If you need at-home care for any duration of time, this is medical debt too.

While many people move forward with the mentality that they don't have to worry because insurance will cover everything, that's usually not the case. There are many claim denials in Alabama because if you did anything at all to contribute to the crash or your injuries, then you'll have a hard time getting compensation. You could be stuck with crushing medical debt if you don't have the right Birmingham car accident lawyer on your side.

Proof Your Role in the Crash

What car accident attorneys start with when they take a case is to examine the evidence. They need to see what they're working with, and that comes from the facts. You could tell them day and night that you didn't do anything, but they want proof.

After they have a chance to go through the evidence, they'll help you put together a solid case. They'll use the evidence at hand to argue that you did not contribute and that you're clearly the victim on this wreck. That way, you can have a fighting chance of getting compensation from the at-fault driver's insurance policy.

Present Strong Negotiations for a Fair Settlement

Finally, car accident attorneys will do what you cannot. When ordinary people receive a car crash settlement, they don't really feel like it's up for negotiation. A Birmingham car accident lawyer see's that settlement as an initial offer. It's the starting point for negotiations, and it should only go up from there.

What happens during negotiations is that the attorney and the insurance representatives will discuss each element of compensation. They'll look at the different types of damages and how severely the victim was affected. As they do this, they'll argue why and how fervently you need compensation to make a full recovery. They employ skill and proven tactics to make these negotiations effective.

Find Your Local Birmingham Car Accident Lawyer

While there are certainly a decent amount of car accident law firms in Birmingham available, you want one that's going to look out for you. When you have an issue that's not only physical but financial, you need someone on your side. That's what happens when you turn to the compassionate and reliable team at the Mike Bell Firm. Not only will you have access to numerous resources, you'll get the support where it counts most.

You need a Birmingham car accident lawyer to have a professional negotiator who has the skill and experience handling evidence and fighting for the truth. Get your side heard, and fight for a fair payout on a crash you shouldn't have experienced. Call Mike Bell.

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