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Car Crash in Martin Logan Lake Results in Death of Four

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car crash in Martin Logan Lake

A car crash in Martin Logan Lake led to the untimely deaths of four persons.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, May 29th, at about 11 p.m. A news report disclosed that the car the victims traveled in went off the road, crashing into Logan Martin Lake.

Coroner Dennis Russell identified the victims as 37-year-old April Whatley, Mariah Towns, 18, Rosalyn White, 3, and Reginald J. White III, 5. The coroner believes the victims are from the Birmingham/Adamsville area and were en route to Georgia for a graduation party.

The report placed Whatley at the wheel of a 2012 Buick Enclave involved in the car crash in Martin Logan Lake. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said the car left the roadway and entered the lake on Interstate 20 near the 164-mile marker. It is approximately two miles east of Riverside.

The coroner pronounced Whatley, Towns, Rosalyn, and Reginald dead at the accident site. A fifth occupant of the car, Reginald White II, 39, survived. Medics transported him to the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital for treatment.

The man’s current condition remains unknown. Troopers with Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Highway and Marine Patrol Divisions conducted the preliminary investigation at the crash site. There is no additional information as the investigation remains ongoing.

Motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Alabama. They occur daily and leave behind a trail of bodily injuries, death, and property damages. This is why it is important for those involved in traffic accidents to know what to do immediately after an occurrence.

As the fault driver, taking the right steps would significantly reduce your liability. As a victim, taking the right steps ensures you have the evidence you need to get compensated for your loss.

Find out what these steps are by speaking with our Alabama auto accident attorneys.


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