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Birmingham, Alabama Head-On Collision Lawyers

The frontal collision of two vehicles traveling in opposite directions is referred to as a head-on collision. This collision typically occurs on highways involving vehicles traveling at high speeds. Here, one vehicle gets off its lane into the oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision. The fatality rate in these types of accidents is often high.

Regrettably, most head-on collisions are caused by factors that can be avoided. Such accidents are mainly caused by driver negligence or reckless driving. When such an accident happens, our Birmingham head-on collision lawyers are always ready to make sure justice is served. We ensure the driver at fault faces the consequences for his or her actions.

A personal injury claim can be lodged against the at-fault driver for any damages caused. Such a driver is liable for damages that he may have caused. For this reason, you should always reach out to the Birmingham head-on accident lawyers at Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers. We are experienced car accident attorneys in Birmingham who can help to see that the individuals responsible for the car accident are held responsible. We help you go about the troublesome process of claiming compensation for the death or injuries suffered by your loved ones.

What Are Common Causes Of Head-On Car Wrecks?

Tragically, most head-on collisions are preventable since they are caused by impaired drivers. Such drivers cause most of the head-on car accidents. Here are some of the common causes that lead to head-on car accidents in Birmingham, AL:

Driving While Drowsy

It is highly probable for a drowsy driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. Such a driver loses consciousness when he falls asleep. When a driver falls asleep when driving on two-way traffic, he or she may end up veering into oncoming traffic. This can be disastrous, especially if there is no divider separating the two lanes.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol can severely influence the ability of a driver to drive a vehicle. These substances make it almost impossible for a driver to control a vehicle. A driver may drift into the oncoming traffic while under alcohol or drug influence.

Distracted Driving

Distractions while driving such as eating, texting, conversing on the phone, grooming, or just meddling with anything that interferes with a driver's concentration lead to head-on collisions. A driver should at all times not be distracted. One of the growing causes of head-on accidents, as well as other accidents, is distracted driving.

Reckless and Aggressive Driving

A driver can lose control of their vehicle through reckless driving. Swerving while on the road or maintaining high speeds can cause a driver to veer out of the lane. There's a high risk of losing control when a driver engages in reckless or aggressive driving.

Hazardous Road or Driving Conditions

Factors such as roadway maintenance, obstructions, and bad weather that includes heavy downpour, snow, sleet, and icy roads can lead to head-on collisions.

What Injuries Are Commonly Sustained From Head-On Traffic Accidents?

Head-on collisions can cause mild and serious injuries. Injuries are a common phenomenon in these types of accidents. They include:

Head Injuries

These injuries are caused by the impact of the vehicle's occupants hitting the dashboard, windscreen, and roof of the car. Still, occupants of vehicles involved in head-on collisions can suffer from head injuries when they are situated directly opposite airbags.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be caused when force is exerted on the brain during head-on collisions. Skull fractures may also result from these injuries. You can face serious long-term health consequences through TBI.

Neck and Back Injuries

Occupants from vehicles can be propelled back and forth when a sudden head-on collision happens. The most common of these types of accidents is whiplash.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Vehicle occupants who aren't restricted usually may end up with spinal injuries. This is one of the commonest injuries that occupants who are not wearing seat-belts face.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures happen when a vehicle's front is driven into its passenger compartment. These fractures usually happen in the face, neck, collarbone, feet, knees, and ankles.


  • Fragments of glass and metal from the accident leading to lacerations and cuts
  • A lacerated liver and bruised kidneys may happen due to internal organ damage

The Insurance Information Institute points out that head-on collisions make up only 2.3% of all traffic accidents. Recent years have shown that 4.1% of this type of crash is associated with injuries. Still, head-on collisions make up 10.2% of fatal traffic accidents. These figures from the institute don't factor in any stationary objects. They only involve collisions among moving vehicles. This proves that head-on collisions occur less often. However, they are responsible for more deaths and serious injuries.

How Can A Lawyer Help Someone Injured By A Head-On Collision?

At Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, we have competent lawyers who are well versed with head-on collision cases. We can help you pursue claims for any injuries caused by such collisions. Once you hire us, you can have peace of mind since your case has been taken up by professional attorneys. This gives you an edge when you make claims for compensation due to any injuries caused. You get ample time to recover and hang out with your loved ones. Our expert legal team will handle all the following matters for you:

  • Lead talks and negotiations with the insurance provider.
  • Gather evidence for documentation that's relevant to build a strong case for your compensation claims.
  • Seeing to it that the matter's momentum picks up and deadlines are met for optimal results.
  • Deal with any other issues that are relevant to our clients' best interests.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Birmingham Car Accident Lawyer?

Contingency approaches are the strategies our Birmingham head-on collision attorneys take up when dealing with personal injury. This implies that you don't bear any upfront costs or fees as the case proceeds. Our reimbursement only comes in when a fair settlement has been reached. This happens when a favorable verdict has been reached by a jury.

You get to receive professional legal advice and representation without the hassle of having to pay any Birmingham court costs, retainers, and fees linked with these cases. Even more, we offer a free initial consultation. This consultation will involve an explanation of how the contingency runs. We will also inform you about our percentage from the successful verdict of your claim and any other incidental fees or costs that you may incur.

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We are well placed to handle lots of different injury claims given the skills, competence, and professionalism we possess. These claims include:

• All types of accidents ranging from rear-end collisions to head-on collisions.
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At Mike Bell Accident & Injury Lawyers, we understand the pain involved in losing someone you love. We are aware of the mental anguish that injuries cause. This is why our Birmingham personal injury lawyers are compassionate when handling your case. Get in touch with us today at 205-666-6000 for us to start handling your case. This ensures you are on the road to get fair compensation. We will give you a contact form to fill out as we get started on your personal injury case.

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